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Jussi69's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[[OOC]] [01 Oct 2003|04:13pm]
[ mood | sad ]

[[I’m so sorry to tell this, but I have to give Jussi away :-(. I finally got job and as it is theatre, I have very very irregular worktimes and I afraid that I don’t have time to rp that much anymore.

So, if someone is willing to take Jussi over, just let me know. And those who would like to keep in touch, let me know, my personal AIM is ignataquadem Feel free to IM]]

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[11 Sep 2003|09:52am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Dead...so Dead... Sometimes I just hate touring... and we have even been mainly doing our next album and had only few gigs... But still...I’m dead emotionally and physically... It feels really strange... I have not had any special person in my life since one certain girl. I normally have had at least one girl or a boy beside me, but not in months...

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[02 Sep 2003|08:41am]
[ mood | depressed ]

No (wo)man, No sex, No Money...uups...sorry...Yes money, No interest to live...
Gods, I need something to do, something to keep me interested of life

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Flirty lil fuckhead [25 Aug 2003|03:02pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

I know I have been lazy lately, esp. reading all your journals. I found out that I just can not keep in track what everyone is doing. Well, I'm asrkoing you , my dear friends, to reply on this telling me shortly what you have been up to, ok? Too much for ask? I hope not :)

And Gods help me, I feel so darn Flirty. Anyone willing to help me on this situation too ;P

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I just hate [28 Jul 2003|09:15pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I just hate summer! I hate this heat, I hate sweating every f**** minute. I hate the sun...

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Old days [28 Jun 2003|11:11pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Hmm... Yesterday we had a gig again. This time in Hämeenlinna’s Sirkus (= Circus). Gig went normally, concert was sold out again. I’m pretty pleased how much people really like us. These days it is not so big deal if gig is sold out, but i can remember how excited we were when our gig was totally full first time. Wish to experience such a thrill once again.

And the afterparty yesterday. i have not had such a fun in loooong time. And all those women *drools*

I don’t want to sound a loser, but sometimes I miss the old times when we were not so famous. But believe me, I love this situation too. Esp. all those women drooling after me ;-)

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[26 Jun 2003|10:23pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hmm... Just thought this might need updating. I'm just chatting with couch_fairy and hannahwood. Nice to be online again. It has been a while when I have updated this.

nothing special have happened. Gothic Treffen in Germany went fine. We stayed there little longer than planned... thanx to aeroplane strike in Finland and France at same time. We had to wait out flight over a day. You can imagine how irritated we were.

now we are having little break. Thou we are shooting our next video next week. At least I assume so. Last time we had little backups, so we had to move the shooting day to next week. This video is going to US promotion.

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Taking over [26 Jun 2003|12:59pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

[[ I'm taking over Jussi69 nowon. Email and AIM will remaine the same as they were. Hope you'll like me as much as the last one ;-)]]

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It's been fun... [22 Jun 2003|02:54am]
[[I finally found someone that wants to take this journal. I feel awful about giving it away as I posted in the Faker Adoptions community. It's like a bad break-up in a way. I had fun with you all... especially Hannah. I'm not sure about posting my personal journal on here to keep in touch, so I won't. But I'll keep updated with you all somehow, and until then, take care. All The Best.]]
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Schedule change [24 Apr 2003|06:28pm]
Well there has been a slight change in my schedule since a few days ago. I just haven't posted it obviously.

April 24 - Transilvania line, Milan
April 25 - Scandia Bar, Hamburg

And I may stay here a few extra days.
Hannah is supposed to meet me in Hamburg later... possibly tomorrow though we haven't talked yet about our plans.

I better go set up for tonight now.

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[16 Apr 2003|05:06pm]
I'm going back to Hamburg in about a week for another Scandia show. That place has become my second home. I'll be there for only a few days... three or four at the most, unless my schedule changes. I'll still be available on my cell phone for anyone who needs me though. I've already had a few fans email me about how their so excited about my being there and they're driving from all over Europe to see me. They'll be wanting pictures I suppose.

I still need to see those oh so lovely pictures of me with my hair and makeup done up... and I can't forget the nailpolish. Hannah is going to be bringing them by tonight. I have to approve them for Couch Fairy. ;-)
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[08 Apr 2003|07:36am]
Damn. I just deleted a couple icons without realizing I wasn't paid. It told me I had a limit of 3 icons already, though it's actually 8. Hannah made some awesome ones for me too. Fuckers.

I've been sort of reorganizing my flat a bit... moving things around. Looks alright for now I suppose, but it still needs more work. It's been taking up most of my time lately, and because of it, I've been accused of lurking by a few people. I'll be on tonight.
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luv cookies [01 Apr 2003|07:54am]
[ mood | confused ]

To my suprise, I'm pregnant. Yes, a man can get pregnant. (I know how Manna feels now.) I'm such a woman...

I also found out that twins can be conceived from two different men.

Oh no! Hannah! I must move in with you, Ville, and Mige! I feel like eating pickles and peanut butter now. I must go.

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dizzy [30 Mar 2003|12:13am]
[ mood | cold ]

My muscles are tensing up. It's incredibly cold in here and the thermostat is set pretty high. I guess I just need another drink. Yes, that should help. *gets up to get drink and sits back down*

My AIM isn't working right now for some reason and I really need to speak with someone. (My list is growing of people I 'need' to talk to it looks like.) In fact, this whole fucking computer is giving me shit lately. Fuck. I'll be in touch with them tomorrow.

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[29 Mar 2003|12:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Ville has already posted the bands status, so no need to repeat that.

Hannah, last night, reminded me I really do need to get in touch with Linde again. It would be nice to have a chat with him, it's been so long. If ever he would get online!

Surely I will post later tonight. This was mostly just a note to get Lily online.

(Hannah, I'm still waiting for that line outside my bedroom door! ;-))

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morning... can you believe it? [27 Mar 2003|08:15am]
[ mood | drained ]

I just woke up and I can tell already today will be hell. I had my cigarettes and coffee... No worries there. I just feel bitchy today. Lucky you. I'm sure I'll be posting later letting you all know about it. So there's the bad news I suppose.

On the other hand, I had a DJing gig at the Scandia-Bar on the 14th of this month. Went fairly well as usual. I know I should've posted my own review about it by now, but whatever. I didn't so fuck off, darling. ;-)

That would bring me to the tour.

Moscow was packed with fans all trying to grab at me... yes, just me. (Humor me, I AM the sexiest and you know it. *grins*) Great show seeing as we were sold out and the music souded great. Finland should be awesome too. It is our homeland. Meaning we'll be playing our best. Or will we play our worst? Yes, for me it will probably be my worst just to piss everyone off. ;-)

Time for another cigarette.


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[22 Jan 2003|02:16am]
[ mood | bored ]

Let the darkness overcome this land known as Livejournal. It's about fucking time.

I guess I should introduce myself before I start bitching. You can call me Jussi 69, I'm the drummer and basically whole fucking percussion section for the 69 Eyes. Another one of those Finnish Goth Rock bands. Get used to it. I like getting up early and taking long walks on the beach accompanied by my soul mate, the love of my life. Right. Actually, I fucking hate mornings and having to get up anytime before lunch. Some piece of advice for you, if I get up and there are no cigarettes and coffee in sight, it won't be a good day. Mostly for you.

I see Jyrki already beat me to this journal shit, no surprise, really. Although he says he got one to "open himself up more to people". I say I'm starting one to inform the world of how stupid they are, and bitch about the horrible "music" these assholes are releasing lately. I sound very bitter, but really, I'm not at all. I just ran out of cigarettes yesterday.

I did a gig DJing on the 11th, which I often like to do. It went well. Good show up and all around good crowd. I really don't care as long as they listen and enjoy.

I'll let Jyrki take care of all that promotional shit on here. In all reality I just came here to remind him to pick me up cigarettes every few days.


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